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We are the future of Insurance Multi-Rating

Just Like Magic

We embrace all forms of insurance raters, and bring them together in one easy workflow!

Easy To Use

We make it easy for insurance agents, and their development teams to get up and running.

Increase Production

Leveraging our platform will allow you to easily scale your brand through your own offering.

API's Galore

We build our raters on Node.js in a RESTful JSON API regardless of the carrier's clunky stuff.

We are the "Tech" in InsTech...

raterSpot is the go-to option for buillding, maintiaining, and accessing insurance raters for agents and program managers. We are not affiliated with or owned by any insurance agency, so you can rest easy knowing we will only ever be a technology company.

Keep your appointments, commissions, and customers and lean on us for the technology.

  • Sanitize and Validate with Big Data
  • Embed Raters Directly On Your Site
  • Live Chat Directly With Underwriters
  • Bind Online With Customer Portal

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